Mapping PEARS Data to N-PEARS

In order to assist with the transfer of data from PEARS to National PEARS (N-PEARS), the PEARS Team has built a N-PEARS Annual Report Export from PEARS for importation into N-PEARS. This documentation serves to detail out what data points from what records will map to what data points in N-PEARS.  The current version of the … Read more

Download a Summary Export

The Summary Export provides a high level compilation of data across most PEARS modules. Unlike other Exports in PEARS, not all related data points are included. Instead, the Summary Export provides key data points and links to records for further review. Review the instructions below for information on downloading and reviewing a Summary Export. Download … Read more

EARS Report – COVID-19 Logic

Field Changes 2 options have been added to the existing Method drop‐down field for organizations that use the COVID-19 Impact field: 1. Estimate unique reach for item 5 – with COVID-19 impacts [default]2. Duplicated reach for item 5 – with COVID-19 impacts This allows users to run the EARS report as‐is, but optionally  run the … Read more

Census Dashboards Overview

What is the PEARS Census Dashboards page? The Census Dashboard displays a summary of direct education reach data compared with data pulled from the American Community Survey. How do I access the Census Dashboards? The Census Dashboards are located in the Impact Dashboards page in PEARS. To access the Impact Dashboards page, hover over the … Read more


The following article outlines how to use the Collaborators section that is found within most PEARS modules. More information is provided in each section below. To jump to a specific section, click a link from the following list: Overview Add a Collaborator Edit a Collaborator Delete a Collaborator View Collaborator Data Overview In the Collaborators … Read more

N-PEARS Export

Hover over the Analyze menu and choose N-PEARS Export from the list below.  The N-PEARS Export filters display: Choose the correct Fiscal Year for the export.  Choose the Unit from the dropdown list provided. Optionally, choose a user within PEARS in the Reported by box. Click the checkbox in order to include only the Noteworthy Success Stories. Click the Start … Read more

Program Activities and Participants

The Program Activities and Participants report allows you to see how many Program Activities have been delivered and how many participants have attended. Data is shown for activities across the entire state for a given time frame. The following article outlines how to access the report, change report filters, view report sections, and how to save … Read more

Unit Snapshot

The Unit Snapshot provides an overview of programming and impact data for a given unit and reporting year. The following article outlines how to access the Unit Snapshot report, change report filters, view report sections, and save report charts. Note: All data shown is example data, and not to be referenced as real data. From … Read more

EARS Report

PEARS can automatically generate the Education and Administrative Reporting System (EARS) form tables. SNAP-Ed administrators must submit these tables annually to FNS. Run the EARS Report Unique Reach Algorithm State Level Reports Run the EARS Report From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Analyze menu and click EARS Data.The EARS Data page displays: … Read more

Duplicate Contacts

The Duplicate Contacts report shows the duplicated number of participants recorded in Program Activities, for given filter criteria. This means that totals are based on the number of interactions with participants, rather than the number of unique participants. The following article outlines how to access the report, change report filters, view report sections, and how … Read more