EARS Report – COVID-19 Logic

Field Changes 2 options have been added to the existing Method drop‐down field for organizations that use the COVID-19 Impact field: 1. Estimate unique reach for item 5 – with COVID-19 impacts [default]2. Duplicated reach for item 5 – with COVID-19 impacts This allows users to run the EARS report as‐is, but optionally  run the … Read more

Manage SNAP-Ed Data Templates

Organization Administrators can use the SNAP-Ed Data Templates page to create data sets for users to select in the SNAP-Ed Custom Data form in the Program Activities module. This feature is designed to help you streamline reporting for your staff members. More information is provided in each section below. To jump to a specific section, … Read more

SNAP-Ed Module Descriptions

PEARS is separated into different modules, based on the type of data being reported. Each module is built for reporting a specific type of SNAP-Ed activity or relationship. The following article provides a description of the type of data reported in each module. To jump to a specific section, click on one of the links … Read more

Census Dashboards Overview

What is the PEARS Census Dashboards page? The Census Dashboard displays a summary of direct education reach data compared with data pulled from the American Community Survey. How do I access the Census Dashboards? The Census Dashboards are located in the Impact Dashboards page in PEARS. To access the Impact Dashboards page, hover over the … Read more


Most modules in PEARS allow users to tag other staff as collaborators. The collaborators feature can be used to grant view/edit permissions for specific records and to give credit to other staff members involved in the work described. When adding collaborators, users have the option to mark the collaborator as a contributor. The following article … Read more


The following article outlines how to use the Collaborators section that is found within most PEARS modules. More information is provided in each section below. To jump to a specific section, click a link from the following list: Overview Add a Collaborator Edit a Collaborator Delete a Collaborator View Collaborator Data Overview In the Collaborators … Read more

Filter for Collaborators

Using filters in PEARS can narrow down the records listed, to help you find records more quickly. Follow the steps below to use filters to find records in which you (or another use) are listed as a collaborator. Select the module in which you would like to find a record. For this example, hover the cursor … Read more

Update to the PEARS Login Page

Summary In January 2024, we released a new version of the PEARS login page. The new login page includes a simpler, more modern design. This update is stylistic, and does not affect the login process. Users still access PEARS in the same place (https://pears.io/), and with the same login credentials. An example of the new … Read more

Program Activity, Project, and Language Updates for FY23

Summary In October 2022, the following updates were rolled out to align with new SNAP-Ed reporting requirements and to maintain consistency between SNAP-Ed and Extension reporting in PEARS: Program Activity Updates – General Information Program Activity Updates – Demographics Project Updates (SNAP-Ed Only) Languages Update Survey Updates – Demographic Questions Please see the sections below … Read more

Copy an Action Plan

From the PEARS homepage, hover over the Plan menu and click on Action Plans: The Action Plans list displays. Select the action plan to be copied:   The action plan details display. Click the button labeled “Copy Plan to…” Depending on the details of the Action Plan being copied, the copy options displayed may include: Copy … Read more