Event List Endpoint

The public list of events can be accessed using the following endpoint: https://test.pears.io/events/<org_slug>/events-api/ To use the endpoint replace org_slug with your organization’s public slug (contact PEARS support if you don’t know what it is). Pagination Results will be paginated with a default page size of 20. The following query parameters can be used to navigate the paginated … Read more

Data Mart: Setting up R

The PEARS data mart can be used in combination with R and RStudio as follows. Prerequisites Setup R can connect directly to the data mart using the RMariaDB library. Please follow these instructions carefully as the PEARS data mart requires a custom configuration file to support the required encryption. First, install the binary packages within … Read more

Data Mart Overview

The PEARS data mart is a read-only nightly copy of the entire set of PEARS data for your organization(s), transformed into a more readable and usable database schema. You can connect directly to your data mart database using tools like TablePlus (TablePlus | Modern, Native Tool for Database Management.) or MySQL Workbench (MySQL :: MySQL … Read more

Update to the Homepage Dashboard

Summary In July 2023, we released a new version of the Homepage Dashboard. The new dashboard better highlights work in progress, with a goal for all users to complete their records before the reporting period deadline. New components of the homepage dashboard include: Work in Progress Completion Status by Module Quick Links Events and Deadlines … Read more

Registration Form Templates and Blocks

Navigate to the Manage Event Form Templates in the administration drop down. A list of templates and blocks created within the your organization. Click the Add button in the top right to create a new template. Give the template a description, select if it’s a template or block, and finish by clicking create. The Form Builder appears. … Read more

Manage Registrations

Navigate to a specific event in the Community Events module. Once you’ve selected an event, click the Manage Registrations button in the top right of your screen. The Manage Registrations screen displays. On this screen, the registrants can be filtered by attendance status, payment status, and registration type.  Once you select a registrant you are able to Update … Read more

Create a Community Event

Navigate through the Plan menu to the Community Event section. Here you will add the details of the new event. There are several required fields including: The name of the event, a summary, when the event is, and where the event will be held (if the event is marked as in person). Additionally, there are optional fields … Read more

N-PEARS Export

Hover over the Analyze menu and choose N-PEARS Export from the list below.  The N-PEARS Export filters display: Choose the correct Fiscal Year for the export.  Choose the Unit from the dropdown list provided. Optionally, choose a user within PEARS in the Reported by box. Click the checkbox in order to include only the Noteworthy Success Stories. Click the Start … Read more

User Dashboard

The User Dashboard displays a summary of data, generally centered around one user’s work, through a series of visual reports. The dashboard offers a selection of filters to look at the work users have done by year, program area, etc. Most panels display data from one module at a time, while the overview panel displays … Read more

PSE Changes Adopted by Level

All data shown is example data, and not to be referenced as real data. Location This item is located in the Impact Dashboards Report, in both the Extension and SNAP-Ed Highlights. Modules Included This report item includes data from: PSE Site Activities Filters PEARS Applied Filters The following filters are applied by PEARS behind the … Read more