The following article outlines how to use the Collaborators section that is found within most PEARS modules. More information is provided in each section below. To jump to a specific section, click a link from the following list: Overview Add a Collaborator Edit a Collaborator Delete a Collaborator View Collaborator Data Overview In the Collaborators … Read more

Bulk Actions in PEARS 

Summary:  As of June of 2023, PEARS users are now able to copy, update, and edit multiple records within a module at a time. This new function slightly changes the list view to include a column of checkboxes. Affected Modules: Direct Contacts  Program Activities  PSE Site Activities  Social Marketing Campaigns  Partnerships  Coalitions  Indirect Activities  Success … Read more

Copy a Partnership

Use this method of copying if you would like to start a record for similar work with a different partnership during the current reporting year. For example, if you are providing the same types of assistance to multiple elementary schools, you can create multiple copies of one entry to save time. From the PEARS homepage, … Read more

Create a Partnership

From the PEARS homepage, hover over the Engage menu and click on Partnerships: The partnerships list displays:   Click the green Add button: In the field labeled as Partnership Name, add a title for the partnership: In the drop-down field labeled Program Area, choose which program area the Partnership will be associated with: From the field … Read more

Evaluate a Partnership

Evaluating partnerships is essential for ensuring the health of the relationship and continuing to improve the collaboration. After at least six months a partnership should be formally evaluated. You can review the list of evaluation tools on the “Evaluation” page for a partnership and choose a formal assessment for a well-established partnership. If the partnership is … Read more

Track Meetings & Events in Partnerships

You have the option to track meetings and events related to a partnership for the current reporting period. This is not required, but it can be a helpful way to track all partnership information in one place. Make sure you are only reporting meetings and events for the partnership, not direct education that belongs in … Read more

Mark a Partnership as Complete

Marking a partnership as complete ensures that it will be included in all organizational impact reports and lets reviewers looking at the data know that the information shown is complete. From the PEARS homepage, hover over the Engage menu and click on Partnerships: The partnerships list displays: Choose a partnership that needs to be marked as … Read more

Delete a Partnership

From the PEARS homepage, hover over the Engage menu and click Partnerships: The Partnerships list displays. Select a Partnership to delete.   The Partnership details display. Click the Delete button. A confirmation message appears. If you would like to proceed, click Yes. The Partnership no longer appears in the list, and a notification verifies that the Partnership has been deleted.   … Read more

Partnership Assistance Definitions

The following definitions are pulled directly from the SNAP-Ed EARS FAQ/Glossary, and should be used when deciding what types of assistance were provided or received in a partnership. Advertising [listed as “Advertising (includes marketing)”] is a commercial message promoting a specific behavior or product. Advertisements can appear in print or in electronic publications, broadcast media, or … Read more

Jurisdiction Level Definitions

The following definitions and examples can be used when deciding what type of jurisdiction level applies to a partnership or coalition.  Local (Community, district, parish, city, town, county, borough, region) A partnership or coalition with a group in a nearby geographic area, such as a school, public library, local or county-level WIC office, public health … Read more