The following article outlines how to use the Collaborators section that is found within most PEARS modules. More information is provided in each section below. To jump to a specific section, click a link from the following list:


In the Collaborators section, the creator of a record can allow other users to view or edit the record. This section can also be used to give credit to other users who were involved and to describe their contribution.
The Collaborators section appears in the following modules and exports:
  • Action Plans
  • Community Events
  • Program Activities
  • PSE Site Activities
  • Social Marketing Campaigns
  • Indirect Activities
  • Partnerships
  • Coalitions
  • Success Stories
  1. When a new record is created in PEARS, the Collaborators section is listed after the General Information section. The user who created the record is automatically listed as a collaborator.
    Collaborators section
  2. If no collaborators need to be reported, click Save and Continue to go to the next section, or click Save to view the record details.
    Save and Continue or Save

Add a Collaborator

Add a collaborator to allow other users to view or edit a record. Optionally, specify if other users were involved the work reported in the record and describe their contribution(s).
  1. To add another user as a collaborator, click Add Collaborator.
    Add Collaborator Button
    The Add Collaborator window appears.
    Add Collaborator
  2.  In the User field, begin typing the name of another user, then select their name from the drop-down list.
    Collaborators Select User
  3. If the user was involved in performing the work described in this record, click the checkbox.
    Collaborators Contributer Checkbox
  4. In the Access field, specify which level of access the user should have for the record.
    Collaborators Access
  5. Optionally, describe the user’s contribution to the work described in the record.
    Collaborators Contribution
  6. If the collaborator is being added to a Program Activity record, optionally indicate the number of sessions the user was involved in delivering.
    Collaborators Number of Sessions
  7. Click Save to add the user as a collaborator.
    Cancel or Save
  8. The collaborator now appears in the list. Click Save and continue to save the page and move to the next section, or click Save to save the current changes and view the record details.
    Collaborator Listed

Edit a Collaborator

  1. To edit a user’s permissions or contributions, go to the Collaborators section and click the Edit button next to the applicable user’s name.
    Collaborators Edit Button
  2. The Edit Collaborator window displays. Make changes as needed, then click Save.
    Save Collaborator Edits

Delete a Collaborator

  1. To remove a user from the list of collaborators, go to the Collaborators section and click the Delete button next to the applicable user’s name.
    Collaborators Delete Button
  2. The user is no longer a collaborator and their name is removed from the list.
    Collaborators List

View Collaborator Data

Collaborators are listed on the record details page, when editing records, and in exports.
  1. Record details
    After selecting a record from the list, the details appear. The Collaborators section appears directly below the General Information details.
    Collaborators Details
  2. Edit a record
    When editing a record, the Collaborators section appears directly after the  General Information section.
    Collaborators section
  3. Exports
    In exports, a sheet titled “Collaborators” lists collaborator data for the exported records.
    Collaborator Export Data
    In the Program Activities & PSE Site Activities exports, a list of collaborators and contributors is also included in the Program Activity Data / PSE Data tab.
    Program Activity Collaborators & Contributors