Update to the PEARS Login Page

Summary In January 2024, we released a new version of the PEARS login page. The new login page includes a simpler, more modern design. This update is stylistic, and does not affect the login process. Users still access PEARS in the same place (https://pears.io/), and with the same login credentials. An example of the new … Read more

Update to the Homepage Dashboard

Summary In July 2023, we released a new version of the Homepage Dashboard. The new dashboard better highlights work in progress, with a goal for all users to complete their records before the reporting period deadline. New components of the homepage dashboard include: Work in Progress Completion Status by Module Quick Links Events and Deadlines … Read more

Program Activity, Project, and Language Updates for FY23

Summary In October 2022, the following updates were rolled out to align with new SNAP-Ed reporting requirements and to maintain consistency between SNAP-Ed and Extension reporting in PEARS: Program Activity Updates – General Information Program Activity Updates – Demographics Project Updates (SNAP-Ed Only) Languages Update Survey Updates – Demographic Questions Please see the sections below … Read more

Bulk Actions in PEARS 

Summary:  As of June of 2023, PEARS users are now able to copy, update, and edit multiple records within a module at a time. This new function slightly changes the list view to include a column of checkboxes. Affected Modules: Action Plan Outcomes Quarterly Efforts Direct Contacts Program Activities Success Stories Partnerships Coalitions Indirect Activities … Read more