PEARS Module Overview Videos

The PEARS Team has created short (1-2 minute) videos providing an overview for modules under the Plan and Track menus. Whether you are new to PEARS or are in need of a review, we hope you find these videos helpful. Module overview videos are included in documentation articles for each module. This page lists links … Read more

COVID-19 Impact

The COVID-19 Impact field was created in April 2020 to help organizations track the impact of the novel coronavirus on planning programs and delivering activities. This field is optional and can be added or removed as needed. The following article outlines how to add the COVID-19 field for data entry, defines the drop-down options listed … Read more

PEARS Image Credits

“Welcome to PEARS” image by Getty Image from iStock. “Employee Evaluation” icon by Miroslav Koša from the Noun Project.  “Report” icon by João Marcelo Ribeiro from the Noun Project. “List” icon by Filip Malinowski from the Noun Project. “Headset” icon by Murali Mano from the Noun Project.