SNAP-Ed Module Descriptions

PEARS is separated into different modules, based on the type of data being reported. Each module is built for reporting a specific type of SNAP-Ed activity or relationship. The following article provides a description of the type of data reported in each module. To jump to a specific section, click on one of the links below:

Program Activities

  • Direct Education
  • Takes place when an educator actively engages participants in the learning process through the delivery of an evidence-based intervention.
  • Takes place in an “in-person” manner. This includes both face-to-face and online activities.

PSE Site Activities

  • Working with a site or organization to make policy, system, or environmental changes within the site as a whole.

Social Marketing Campaigns

  • Social marketing campaigns are multi-level, coordinated initiatives that combine education, marketing, and public health approaches.

  • Uses research and marketing strategies to communicate messages to a SNAP-Ed audience across a variety of platforms in order to influence voluntary behavior change.

  • One message is used across a variety of platforms.

Indirect Activities

  • Indirect Education

  • Takes place when an educator distributes educational information in a manner that is not “in-person.”

  • Distribution of information and resources that are not considered direct education or social marketing.

  • This includes mass communications, community events, interviews, advertisements, and materials distributions, etc.


  • Active partnerships include two or more individuals who regularly meet, exchange information, and identify and implement mutually reinforcing activities that contribute to organizational changes or policies.

  • This includes sites or organizations where direct education is taking place.


  • A coalition is a group of individuals and organizations that commit to joint action in adopting practices, supports and/or standards, typically for a longer period of time.

  • Includes SNAP-Ed Nutrition Action Councils (SNACs) or other relevant collective impact initiatives.

Success Stories

  • Narrative describing the difference SNAP-Ed staff and programming are making in people’s lives.

  • Can provide insight into the personal/community impact of SNAP-Ed efforts including: Program Activities, Indirect Activities, PSE Site Activities, etc.