List Views and Filters

Reporting in PEARS is split into multiple modules (Program Activities, Success Stories, etc.) Different types of activities and efforts are reported in each module. When you first select a module from the Plan, Track, or Analyze menus, a list of records is displayed. The list view allows you to view existing records, add new records, and export data into an Excel spreadsheet. For more details on each part of the list view, continue reading. Click one of the links listed below to jump to a specific section:

Module Title & Summary

The name of the module is displayed at the top of the page. A short description of the type of activity reported in the module is also included for reference.
Title and Module Summary

Filter & Search

Default Filters
Each list initially includes records in the current reporting year that the current user has created. Two filters are automatically applied to show this set of data: the “Reporting Year” filter, and the “Created By” filter.
Default Filters
Filtering Capabilities
Other filters are available above the list of records as well. Click the More button to view additional filter options. Filters allow different sets of data to be listed. If you have permission to view additional data, use filters to determine what is shown in the list view. The filters available vary per module.
List View Filters
Each filter allows multiple options to be selected. The list of records updates in real time as filters are applied. Filters currently in use are outlined in green.
Reporting Year Filter Example
Search Bar
To search for a specific record, type keyword(s) into the search field and press the Enter key.
Search Field
Clear Filters
Click the “x” next to a filter to clear the selection(s). If all filters are cleared, all records that you have access to view in PEARS will be listed.
Clear Filters
Reset Filters
Click Reset to return to the default filters (records in the current reporting year that the current user has created).
Reset Button

Add a New Record

Click the Add button to create a new record. 
Add Button
When the Add button is clicked, a blank form will appear for data entry.

Export Data

Click the Export button to download a set of data for analysis. Details from all records that fit the current filter & search criteria will be included in the export.
Export Button
When the Export button is clicked, an Excel spreadsheet will download onto your device for data analysis.