Add PSE Partners

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover over the Track menu and click on PSE Site Activities:
  2. The PSE list displays. Select a PSE record to edit:
    Select PSE Record
  3. The PSE details display. Click Partners.
  4. The Partners page displays. To begin reporting partners, click Add a partner.
    Add a Partner
  5. The Add Partner window displays. In the Partner field, select the name of the partner from the drop-down list.
    Partner Field
  6. Select the partner’s contributions to the PSE project.
    Partner Contributions
  7. Click Save.
     Save Partner
    The partner now appears in the list.
    Partner List
  8. Add, edit, or remove PSE partners as needed:
    • To add other partners, click the Add button and follow steps 5-7 above.
      Add Partner Button
    • To edit a partner’s contributions, and click the Edit button next to the applicable partner’s name.
      Partner Edit Button
    • To remove a partner from the PSE, click the Delete button next to the applicable partner’s name.
      Partner Delete Button
  9. Once all partners have been added, click Save and continue to save the page and move to the next section, or click Save to save the current changes and view the record details.
    Save Buttons