Record Changes Adopted

This section documents the changes adopted at the PSE Site or Organization. This includes the undertaking of a new or modified policy (a change to the system or environment) that heightens the appeal of healthy food and beverages. It can also involve expanding access to or promoting physical activity as well as reducing the amount of time spent sedentary.
  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Track menu and click on PSE Site Activities:
  2. The PSE list displays. Click on the PSE which requires a completed or updated Changes Adopted section:
  3. The PSE general overview form displays. Click on the Changes Adopted link:
  4. The Changes Adoption section appears. To add a change adopted, click Select Changes:
  5. The Add Changes window appears. The search bar can be used to find a specific change, and the filters allow the list of changes to be filtered by topic:
  6. When the proper change has been found, toggle the add button next to the change to add it to the PSE. If more than one change needs to be added, continue to search for changes and toggle the add button for additional changes as well:
  7. When all changes have been added, click Close:
  8. The changes list displays. If any changes need to be removed from the list, click :
  9. Next, place the cursor in the Method used to determine total reach field and choose an option:
  10. If either “Estimated” or “Measured” was chosen in Step 9, place the cursor in the field labeled as Source of Data and choose an option from the drop-down menu:
  11. If “Other”: was chosen in Step 10, describe the other source in the field labeled Reach data source other:
  12. If either “Estimated” or “Measured” was chosen in Step 9, enter the number of people reached by the PSE work:
  13. Next, place the cursor in the field labeled Method used to determine characteristics of total reach. Choose a method from the drop-down:
  14. If either “Estimated” or “Measured” was chosen, assign the appropriate demographic information to the Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Race, and Student Status categories.
    PSE Demographics
  15. Click Save and Continue to move on to the next section, or click Save to go back to the overview page for the PSE: