Record Overview

All data shown is example data, and not to be referenced as real data.


This item is located in the Impact Dashboards Report, User Dashboard.

Modules Included

This report item includes data from:
  • Program Activities
  • Indirect Activities
  • Partnerships
  • Coalitions
  • PSEs


PEARS Applied Filters

The following filters are applied by PEARS behind the scenes:
  • Test Data: Any data entered by a user marked as a Test User (usually PEARS team members) will not be included for normal users.
  • Viewable by User: Only data that the logged in user (or creator of the dashboard share) can see will be displayed.

User Available Filters

The following filter criteria can be applied by users:
  • Reporting Year
  • Program Areas (Only for Organizations that use Program Area field)
  • Created By
  • Collaborators
  • Contributed by a Collaborator
  • Completion Status


The data points are calculated as follows for all data that fit the criteria above.
  • For each module the records are counted according to the month that they were created and displayed.

Additional Notes

As with all panels of the Impact Dashboards, if a dashboard is shared as a snapshot, the panel will show data exactly as it was at the time the share was created, according to the filters applied.
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