Direct Contacts Summary


This item is located in the Impact Dashboards Report, User Dashboard.

Modules Included

This report item includes the following data from Direct Contacts:
  • Phone
  • In-Person
  • Email
  • Video Conference
  • Social Media
  • Text 
  • Other


PEARS Applied Filters

The following filters are applied by PEARS behind the scenes:
  • Test Data: Any data entered by a user marked as a Test User (usually PEARS team members) will not be included for normal users.
  • Viewable by User: Only data that the logged in user (or creator of the dashboard share) can see will be displayed.

User Available Filters

The following filter criteria can be applied by users:
  • Reporting Year
  • Program Areas (Only for Organizations that use Program Area field)
  • Created By
  • Collaborators
  • Contributed by a Collaborator
  • Completion Status


The data points are calculated as follows for all data that fit the criteria above.
  • For this module the contact methods are counted according to the month that they were created and displayed.

Additional Notes

As with all panels of the Impact Dashboards, if a dashboard is shared as a snapshot, the panel will show data exactly as it was at the time the share was created, according to the filters applied.