Indicator Metrics

The Indicator Metrics report captures data for some of the indicators and metrics reported on throughout PEARS. This report is an overview of which indicators are being targeted and where that impact is occurring at state, regional, or national levels (as applicable). The following article outlines how to access the report, change report filters, view report sections, and how to save the report. Indicators and metrics are based on the SNAP-Ed evaluation framework.
Note: All data shown is example data, and not to be referenced as real data.
  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Analyze menu and click Indicator Metrics.
    Analyze, Indicator Metrics
  2. The Indicator Metrics report page displays:
    Indicator Metrics Report

Change Report Filters

  1. By default, the Indicator Metrics report is filtered to show data from completed records within the entire state created during the current reporting year. Click Edit Filters to change the default filters.
    Indicator Metrics Edit Filters
  2. Filter options display. Change the filter criteria as needed to display the desired set of data.
    Indicator Metrics Filters
  3. Click Apply to confirm the selected filters. Once an indicator is selected, data will be displayed based on the applied filters.
    Apply Button
  4. The applied filters are listed under the Filters heading. For example, the User, Unit, Reporting Year, and Include incomplete filters are displayed here:
    Applied Filters

View Report Sections

The Indicator Metrics report includes data for the indicators and corresponding metrics listed below. Unique report items will display for each indicator and metric selected.
  1. To view the report for a metric, first select an indicator from the list.
    Select Indicator
  2.  A tab displays for each metric. Select a metric to view the report.
    Metric List
  3. To order a report by a specific column, click on the heading of the column once to list items in ascending order (1-10, a-z). Click the heading again to sort items in descending order (10-1, z-a). The example below is sorted by the first column, in descending order. A small arrow indicates which column the data is sorted by.
    Indicator Metrics Report Columns
Indicators and Metrics:
  • ST5: Readiness and Need
    Metrics: ST5a, ST5b, and ST5c
  • ST7: Organizational Partnerships
    Metrics: ST7a, ST7b, ST7c
  • ST8: Multi-Sector Partnerships and Planning
    Metrics: ST8a, ST8b, ST8c, ST8d
  • MT5: Nutrition Supports
    Metrics: MT5a, MT5b, MT5c, MT5d, MT5e, MT5f
  • MT6: Physical Activity and Reduced Sedentary Behavior Supports
    Metrics: MT6a, MT6b, MT6c, MT6d, MT6e
  • MT12: Social Marketing
    Metrics: MT12a, MT12b, MT12c
  • LT5: Nutrition Supports Implementation
    Metrics: LT5a, LT5b, LT5c
  • LT6: Physical Activity Supports Implementation
    Metrics: LT6a, LT6b, LT6c
  • LT7: Program Recognition
    Metrics: LT7a, LT7b, LT7c, LT7d
  • LT8: Media Coverage
    Metrics: LT8a, LT8b, LT8c
  • LT10: Planned Sustainability

Save Report Charts

To print or save this report, please reference the following article: Save or Print a Record as a PDF.