Impact Dashboards

Impact Dashboards visually display SNAP-Ed and Extension efforts through a series of eye-catching charts and graphs. Dashboards are accessible to all PEARS users. Viewable data is determined by account permissions.

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Analyze menu and click Impact Dashboards.
    Analyze, Impact Dashboards.
  2.  Dashboard options display. Select a dashboard to view.
    Dashboard Options
  3. A series of panels displays data on: Direct Education (Program Activities), Indirect Activities, Partnerships, and Coalitions.
    SNAP-Ed dashboards also display PSE data.
  4. By default, filters are applied to show data for completed records in the current reporting year.
    Extension default filters
    SNAP-Ed dashboards are also filtered to show data for records with the SNAP-Ed program area.
    SNAP-Ed default filters
  5. To remove filter(s), click the x to the right of the filter name.
    Remove filters
  6. Click the Filter button to filter for other records and display a different set of data.
    Dashboards Filter Button
    Most filter categories allow one or more than one selection.
    Once all filters have been selected, click Apply.
    Apply dashboard filters
    Dashboard panels now show data based on the filters applied.