Complete a Performance Review on Behalf of a Board Member

Some states choose to include board members as part of the performance review process. If your state includes board members, supervisors will find information on board member reviews within their own review of the agent. When a supervisor first opens an agent’s review, the review details appear. Among other items, this page lists: board members, links to board member reviews for the agent, and the board member review status (started, not started, or complete). If a board member has an email address listed, the supervisor can send a link to the review so that board members can enter reviews themselves. Alternatively, supervisors can enter reviews on behalf of a board member. The review details page includes a link to a printable review (that can be mailed to board members) and the links for each board member review (that the supervisor can uses to complete the review, if needed). 
To enter a review on behalf of a board member, follow the steps below.

Access Supervisor Review

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Review menu and click Performance Reviews:
    Review, Performance Reviews
  2. The Performance Review list displays. Select an agent’s review.
    Select Agent Review
  3. The review details display for the agent selected. Scroll down to the section titled Board Member Assessments.
    Board Member Assessments

Print a Copy of the Board Member Review

  1. In the Board Member Assessments section of the supervisor review, click the button titled Download Printable Review Template.
    Download Printable Review Template
  2. The survey for board members to complete will open in a new browser tab.
    Print Board Member Review
    Print the survey from your browser. For printing instructions, reference the following article: Save or Print a Record as a PDF.
  3. Mailing addresses for board members can be found on the Board Members page in PEARS (located under the gear icon). Mail the paper copy of the review to the board member.
    Select Manage Board Members

Enter a Review on Behalf of a Board Member

Once the board member completes and returns the paper review, the agent’s supervisor can enter the board member’s responses into PEARS.
  1. In the Board Member Assessments section of the supervisor review, find the name of the board member for whom a review needs to be entered.
    Identify Board Member
  2. Click on their unique review link.
    Board Member Unique Review Link
    The board member review for the selected agent appears.
    Board Member Review Details
  3. If the board member does not wish to review the agent, click the Opt Out button to indicate that the board member will not be submitting a review.
    Board Member Review Opt Out
  4. If the board member chooses to review the agent, click Enter Review.
    Board Member Review Enter Review
  5. The performance review appears. Enter the board member’s responses from the paper review.
    Board Member Review
    After entering all responses, click Save and Continue at the bottom of the page.
    Save and Continue or Save
  6. To finish and submit the review on behalf of the board member, click Mark as Complete.
    Mark Board Member Review as Complete