Complete a Performance Review (Board Member)

Some states choose to include board members as part of the performance review process. When the performance review process begins, supervisors will send board members performance reviews for agents in their county. Depending on the board member’s preference, they will receive a paper survey or an email. If a paper survey is received in the mail, please complete the survey and return it in the mail. If an email is received, follow the instructions below.
  1.  Board members will receive an email from PEARS Support ( Click Go To Performance Reviews.
    Go to Performance Reviews
  2. The Performance Reviews list displays. Select an agent to review.
    Select Agent to Review
  3. The review details display for the agent selected.
    Review Details
    If the agent has completed the supporting data section of their self-assessment, links to applicable PEARS records will display. Click the links to view supporting data.
    Supporting Data Links
  4. Optionally, click the Opt Out button to indicate that a review will not be submitted.
    Opt Out
  5. To begin reviewing the agent, click Enter Review.
    Enter Review
  6. The performance review appears. Enter responses for the questions listed.
    Enter Board Member Review
    After entering all responses, click Save and Continue at the bottom of the page.
    Save and Continue or Save
  7. To finish and submit the review, click Mark as Complete.
    Board Member Mark as Complete
  8. An alert confirms that the review has been submitted. To select another agent to review, click Return to Board Member Reviews List.
    Board Member Review Success