Collect Survey Response Data with a Public Link

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover over the Engage menu and click Program Activities:
    Select Program Activities from Engage menu
  2. The Program Activities list displays. Select a Program Activity to edit.
  3. The Program Activity details display. Click Evaluation:
    Program Activities Evaluation
  4. The evaluation displays, listing attached surveys:
    Survey Details
  5. To generate a public link to collect participant responses, click the third action button.
    Survey Public Link Button
  6. Options to share the survey are generated. Save the URL and/or QR code to distribute to participants:

    To distribute the survey using a web link or QR code, click the Copy Link and QR Code button. The survey name, link, and QR code will be copied to the clipboard on your device. Paste the survey sharing information into an email, Word document, PowerPoint, etc. to distribute as needed.

  7. Distribute the survey link and/or QR code to participants.
    Participants can select answers to survey questions on a computer or another electronic device.
    Survey Response Public Link
    Once responses have been selected, participants can click Submit to complete the survey.
    Submit Survey Via Public Link
    Submitted responses automatically appear in PEARS.
  8. To view responses collected with the public link, click the first action button.
    Survey Add Responses Button
    Responses collected with a public link cannot be edited by most users. Responses can be deleted, if needed.
    Delete Public Link Responses
  9. Next, attach another survey or continue to the next section.
    To attach another survey, click the Attach Survey button.
    Attach Survey
    To continue to the next section, click the Save and continue button.
    Evaluation Save and continue