Review an Action Plan

When Extension staff create an individual Action Plan in PEARS, they may begin by copying a state-level Action Plan. State-level plans can be created by Organization Administrators and Program Area Team Leaders, but these must go through an approval process before appearing in the Action Plan list. When staff record state-level Action Plans in PEARS, they submit the plan for approval. Administrators with permission to review Action Plans can approve or reject the plan. The following article explains how to access and manage state-level Acton Plans that have been submitted for review.
  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Review menu and click Action Plans:
    Review, Action Plans
  2. The list of state-level Action Plans displays. Select a plan to review:
    Select Plan to Review
  3. The plan details display:
    Plan Details
  4. Review the plan details. If needed, click the Edit button to make changes.
    Edit Plan
  5. Optionally, click the Print button to print the plan details. (The plan can no longer be printed after it is approved or rejected.)
    Print Plan
  6. If the plan creator needs to make additional changes, or if this plan should not be used as a state-level plan, click Reject.
    Reject Plan
    The Reject Action Plan page displays. Explain the reason for rejecting this plan and click Reject.
    Reject Action Plan Page
    An email will be sent to the staff member who created the plan, listing the reason(s) the plan was rejected. Additionally, the plan will display in the plan creator’s list of Action Plans as “Rejected.” The plan will no longer appear in the list of Action Plans to review.
  7. To allow staff members to view the Action Plan, copy the plan, and link the plan to other records within PEARS, click Approve.
    Approve Plan
    The plan is now approved. Staff can now view the plan in the Action Plan list, copy the state-level plan to an individual plan, and link the plan to other records in PEARS. The plan will display in all users’ Action Plan lists as “Approved.” The plan will no longer appear in the list of Action Plans to review.