Print a Record

Once a record has been created and saved in PEARS, the record details can be printed. All modules under the Plan and Track menus include a print button to print record details. Programming Managers can also use the print button to print site details through the Manage Sites page. Follow the steps below to print the record details. To print an item from PEARS that does not include a print button (such as a report or a page you are editing), see the article: Save or Print a Record as a PDF.
  1. Go to the record you would like to print.
    For example, to print a Program Activity, hover the cursor over the Track menu and click Program Activities:
    Open Program Activities
  2. The Program Activities list displays. Select a Program Activity to print.
    Select Program Activity
  3. The Program Activity details display. Click the Print button.
    Program Activity Print Button
  4.  The Print window appears. If needed, change printer settings such as: the destination printer, the number of copies, two-sided printing, color printing, etc. When all settings are correct, click Print.
    Print Preview
  5. The record details will print to the specified printer.