Preserve Data Integrity While Editing Data from Past Reporting Periods

The Data Manager role gives users access to view and edit all data within their organization, including data from past reporting periods. Keep in mind the following precautions while editing data from past reporting periods:
  • Reporting Period Specific Lists:
    Some lists, such as curriculum, may change each reporting period. When editing a record from a past reporting period, options displayed for these fields may be associated with the current reporting period. Be sure all fields are updated accurately, based on the reporting period of the record.
  • Required Fields:
    Over time, new required fields may be added. When changing a record in a past reporting period, fields added since the record was created will appear and may need to be filled out before saving the record.
  • Linked Records:
    Make sure any linked records are modified as needed. For example, many records can be linked to Action Plans.