Edit Reporting Periods

Each year, SNAP-Ed and Extension work is reported into PEARS. The time frame in which data can be reported each year is called the Reporting Period. Data in PEARS is organized by Reporting Periods. Each record is assigned a Reporting Period, to track which year the activities occurred. Reporting is automatically set to open on 10/1 and close on 9/30. Organization Administrators can change these reporting deadlines, as needed. To change the reporting deadline for your organization, follow the steps below.
  1. From the PEARS dashboard, hover the cursor over the  gear icon and select Manage Reporting Periods.
    Select Manage Reporting Periods

  2. All Reporting Periods for your organization are listed. Select the Reporting Period that you would like to edit.
    Select Reporting Period
  3.  The reporting period details display. Click the Edit button.
    Edit Reporting Period
  4.  The Update Reporting Period page displays. As needed, edit the Open Date, Close Date, Open Time, and Close Time.
    Update Reporting Period
  5. Click Save.
    Save Button