Mark a Record as Verified

The Data Manager role gives users access to view and edit all data within their organization. These privileges enable more efficient data cleaning and verification. Optionally, Data Managers may mark records as verified or unverified to track which data has been cleaned. This is not required to use PEARS or to verify records. Each organization may determine their own data cleaning process. To mark a record as verified, follow the steps below.
  1. Go to the record(s) you would like to verify.
    For example, to verify a Program Activity, hover the cursor over the Track menu and click Program Activities:
    Open Program Activities
  2. The Program Activities list displays. Select a Program Activity to verify.
    Select Program Activity
  3. The Program Activity details display.
    Program Activity Record Details
    Check the record details to verify that reported data is correct. If needed, edit the record and save changes.

  4. Once data is checked and/or cleaned, click Mark as Verified. The record is now verified.
    Mark as Verified Button
    To show the record is verified, the button now states: Mark as Unverified. This indicates that the record is currently verified.
    Mark as Unverified Button