Encode WebNEERS Data

Users with permission to access the file importer may upload WebNEERS data to PEARS. Uploading WebNEERS data creates demographic data in PEARS. To upload WebNEERS data, complete four steps: encode the data in WebNEERS, export the data from WebNEERS, create an import in PEARS, and upload WebNEERS files to PEARS.
Follow the instructions below to complete the first step of this process (encoding data in WebNEERS).
  1. Log in to WebNEERS:
    WebNEERS Login
    The WebNEERS home page displays:WebNEERS Home Page
  2. Select a section to encode.
    To encode adult data, click Manage Adults.
    Manage Adults
    To encode youth data, click Manage Youth Groups.
    Manage Youth Groups
  3. For each participant you with to encode, click the edit button:
    Gear icon
    For adult data, the button is labeled Edit this Adult.
    For youth data, the button is labeled Edit this Youth Group.
  4. Select the Custom Data tab.
  5. Enter the PEARS ID of corresponding PEARS Program Activity data.
    PEARS Program ID
    To find the PEARS ID of Program Activities, go to the PEARS website and open the Program Activities module:
    Open Program Activities
    Select the Program Activity with corresponding data.
    Select Program Activity
    The Program Activity details display, listing the PEARS ID.
    Program Activity ID
    Copy and paste this ID number into the PEARS Program ID field in WebNEERS.
  6. Click the Save button.
    WebNEERS Save Button
  7. Repeat steps 3 – 6 for each participant you wish to encode before exporting.
  8. Your data has been coded and is ready to be imported into PEARS. To continue the import process, next export WebNEERS data.