Export WebNEERS Data

Users with permission to access the file importer may upload WebNEERS data to PEARS. Uploading WebNEERS data creates demographic data in PEARS. To upload WebNEERS data, complete four steps: encode the data in WebNEERS, export the data from WebNEERS, create an import in PEARS, and upload WebNEERS files to PEARS.
Follow the instructions below to complete the second step of this process (exporting data from WebNEERS).
  1. Log in to WebNEERS:
    WebNEERS Login
    The WebNEERS home page displays:WebNEERS Home Page
  2. In the Data Management section, select Export Data.
    WebNEERS Export Data
    The Export Data page displays:WebNEERS Export Data Page
  3. In the Regions section, click on the check box next to Select All.
    WebNEERS Regions Select All
    All regions are now selected.
  4. In the Data section, click on the check box next to Select All.
    WebNEERS Data Select All
    All data types are now selected.
  5. Click the Submit button.
    WebNEERS Export Submit Button
  6. The export is now created and downloaded to your computer. To prepare to import the files, unzip the WebNEERS Export Zip file that begins with “ExportFolderXXXXXXX.zip” For more information on uploading WebNEERS data to the PEARS import, see the article: Create an Import.