Create a CRM Contact

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Track menu and click Community Relationships (CRM):

  2. The CRM Contacts list displays. Click Add:

    The Add New Contact slide-out menu displays:
  3. Beginning with the Name field, enter details about the contact in the pertinent fields listed.
  4. Make sure to select a Unit for the contact from the drop-down list.
    CRM Unit
  5. Placing the cursor in the last field, Categories, will present a list of tags used to categorize contacts. Select all the tags that pertain to the contact being created.
    CRM Categories List
  6. When all the contact information has been entered, click Save:
  7. The CRM Contacts List displays. The contact is now present in the list of contacts:Click on the person’s name to view contact details or add notes.
    For more information about adding notes, see: Add an Interaction to a CRM Contact.