Complete Your Performance Review (Agent)

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Reflect menu and click Performance Reviews:
    Select Performance Reviews from Reflect Menu
  2. The Performance Review list displays. Select a performance review.
    Select Performance Review
  3. The Performance Review details display. Click Edit to begin the review.
    Edit Performance Review
  4. The Supporting Data page displays. For any PEARS data requested, select records to include. If no records are listed, navigate to another module in PEARS to create the required record(s).
    Agent Supporting Data
    One record or multiple records may be selected, as needed.
  5. In the Goals field, include goals to work toward in the next year.
    Agent Goals
  6. In the File Attachments field, upload related files as needed.
    To upload files, click Select to choose files from the computer’s file explorer. Alternatively, drag and drop files into the gray area.
    You may upload many different types of files, including: Word documents, PDFs, Excel workbooks, jpg, png, and others.
    File Attachments
  7. Click Save and continue to save the page and move to the next section.
    Save and Continue or Save
  8. The Self-Assessment page displays.
    In the provided survey, answer questions and include comments as needed.
    Agent Self Assessment
  9. Click Save and continue to save the page and move to the next section.
    Save and Continue or Save
  10. The Mark as Complete page displays. To submit the review, click Mark as Complete.
    Mark as Complete
    A confirmation message appears, indicating the review is complete and has been submitted:
    Agent Review Confirmation