Complete a Performance Review for an Agent (as their Supervisor)

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Review menu and click Performance Reviews:
    Review, Performance Reviews
  2.  The Performance Review list displays. Note that the list indicates which reviews have been completed. Select an agent to review.
    Supervisor Review List
  3. The review details display for the agent selected. Click Begin Review.
    Begin Supervisor Review
  4.  The Review Summary page displays.
    Review Summary
    If needed, record feedback for the agent’s listed goals.
    Feedback on Goals
    The agent’s self-assessment displays. Review the self-assessment.
    Extension Agent Self-Assessment
    If board members are included in the performance review plan, a summary of board member assessments displays.
    Board Member Assessment Summary
  5. Optionally, you may un-submit the agent’s review if their goals should be edited based on feedback provided.
    To un-submit the agent’s review, click the review name in the breadcrumbs to return to the supervisor review details.
    Review Details Page Link
    The review details display. Click the Un-submit Self-Assessment button.
    Unsubmit Review ButtonThis re-opens the agent’s review, allowing changes to be made. The supervisor review can be continued once the agent re-submits their review.
  6. If no changes to the agent’s review are needed, click Save and continue to confirm you have reviewed the agent’s self-assessment and move to the next page.
    Save and Continue or Save
  7. The Supervisor Assessment page displays.
    In the provided survey, answer questions and include comments as needed.
    Supervisor Assessment
  8. Optionally, click Upload Files to attach relevant files. These files will not be visible to the agent.
    Save or Upload Files
    The uploads page displays.
    In the File Attachments field, upload related files as needed. To upload files, click Select to choose files from the computer’s file explorer. Alternatively, drag and drop files into the gray area.
    Performance Review UploadsClick Upload to attach files and return to the Supervisor Assessment page.
    Upload or Cancel
  9. Click Save and continue to move to the next page.
    Save and Continue or Save
  10. The Print page displays.
    Click Print to print the listed review details and supervisor assessment.
    Print Review
  11. Indicate if the agent signed the printed review.
    The review cannot be completed and submitted until Yes is selected.
    Has Agent Signed Review
  12. Click Save and continue to move to the next page.
    Save and Continue or Save
  13. The Mark as Complete page displays.
    To submit the review, click Mark as Complete.
    Supervisor Review Mark as Complete
    A confirmation message appears, indicating the review is complete and has been submitted. The page title and button now state Mark as Incomplete, indicating the review is currently complete.
    Supervisor Review Mark as Incomplete