Analyze a Program Activity Excel Report

The Program Activity Excel Report can be downloaded from the Program Activity detail page and includes data from a single Program Activity.
Program Activity data can also be downloaded in the Program Activity Export. The Program Activity Export can be found under the Analyze menu and includes data from multiple Program Activities, based on the filter criteria selected. The Program Activity Export also includes more detailed data, such as site details and session information.
Each Program Activity Export file will include one or more of the following sheets:


  1. Export Details
    This sheet provides information about when the export was run and by whom, how many survey instruments are attached, and when the Program Activity was last updated. There will only be one of these tabs.
  2. Overview & Demographics
    This sheet provides all the details from the General Information section of the Program Activity. Data for any custom sections (such as SNAP-Ed Custom data or 4H Custom Data) and Demographic data is also included. There will only be one of these tabs.
    Overview and Demographics
  3. Data Tabs
    This sheet (or sheets) shows the raw survey response data as it was entered in PEARS. One sheet is included for each survey instrument attached. If responses were individually entered, there will be one row per response. For aggregate data, there will only be one row. The data contained in this tab may be used to do further statistical analysis on your own with the application of your choosing.
    Data Tab
All data shown is example data, and not to be referenced as real data.