Create a Word Cloud

A Word Cloud (similar to a word maps or Wordle) is a basic qualitative data analysis tool used to show common themes and topics. To generate a Word Cloud, PEARS calculates the frequencies of keywords tagged in selected Success Stories. The keywords are displayed in a graphic, and words are sized based on their frequency. Larger keywords indicate these words were used more frequently.
  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover over the Track menu and click Success Stories:
    Select Success Stories

  2. The Success Stories list displays. Select filters to determine which Success Stories are included in the Word Cloud.
  3. Click Word Cloud to generate the word map.
  4. The Word Cloud appears. Below the Word Cloud, keywords and their frequencies are listed.
    Word Cloud
    Click the Filter button to filter for different Success Stories.
    Click the Download button to download the Word Cloud as an image file.