Add Supporting Data to a Performance Review Plan

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Plan menu and click Performance Review Plans:
    Select Performance Review Plans from Plan Menu
  2. The Performance Review Plan list displays. Select a plan to edit.
    Select Performance Review Plan
  3.  The Performance Review Plan details display. Click Supporting Data.
    Select Supporting Data
    The Update Supporting Data page displays.Update Supporting Data
  4. Indicate if staff should be required to include PEARS records in performance reviews.
    Request PEARS Supporting Data
  5. If Yes is selected, click Select Modules to choose which data is requested.
    Select Modules
    The Add Required Module window appears.
    Add Required Module
  6.  From the drop-down list, select a type of data to request.
    Only one type of module may be selected.Module List
  7. Next, select a year from which data is requested.
    Data may be requested from the previous, same, or next year.
    Required Module Year
  8. Click Save to save the module and year selection.
    Save Required Modules
  9. As needed, click Select Modules to request data from another module (or another year).
    Select Modules
  10. Required modules and the corresponding years are listed.
    Click the pencil icon to edit details or the x to remove a module.
    Edit or Remove Required Modules
  11. Click Save and Continue to save the page and move to the next section or click Save to save progress and view the plan details.
    Save and Continue or Save