Add Recognition & Media Coverage

Awards, media coverage, and other forms of public recognition are an important factor in measuring the effectiveness of PSE work. If you have received any recognition for the work done at this PSE site during the current reporting year, this section is where you will list it.
    1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Track menu and click on PSE Site Activities:
    2. The PSE list displays. Click on the PSE which requires a completed or updated Recognition & Media Coverage section:
    3. The PSE general overview form displays. Click on the Recognition & Media Coverage link:
    4. The Recognition & Media Coverage page displays. From the drop down menu, select Yes:
    5. Click the Add Recognition button:
    6. A pop-up window displays. Select a Type of recognition to add:
If New Award / Recognition, Award / Recognition Maintained or Renewed (Same Level), or Award / Recognition Maintained or Renewed (Increase in Level) was chosen in step 6, proceed. If not, the Media Coverage instructions can be found here:
      1. The award fields display. In the field labeled Name of Award or Recognition, name the award:
      2. In the Recognizing Body field, enter the name of the body recognizing the PSE work:
      3. Assign a Level to the award, or enter N/A:
      4. Enter the Approximate date that the award/recognition was received:
      5. If all entered data is accurate and complete, click Save:
If Media Coverage was chosen in step 6:
      1. The Media Coverage fields display. In the field labeled Coverage type, select an option from the drop-down list:
      2. Next, in the field labeled Name or Brief Description of Coverage, enter the name of the media coverage:
      3. In the Link or Reference field, enter a method of finding the coverage:
      4. In the field labeled Estimated Reach (# of individuals), optionally enter the number of individuals thought to be reached by the coverage:
      5. Lastly, select the Approximate date of coverage:
      6. If all entered data is accurate and complete, click Save:
      7. The Recognition & Media Coverage list displays. Continue adding as many items to the list as needed. To edit an item on the list, click
        To Remove and item from the list, click
        If no more items need to be added, click Save and continue:
        Edit, Delete, or Save Recognition