Add Questions to a Survey

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover over the Plan menu and click on Surveys
    Select Surveys Module
  2. The Surveys list displays. By default this will show a list of active surveys only.
    If the desired survey is not yet active, click the x next to the Active filter.
  3.  Click the Title of the survey to add questions to it.
  4.  The Survey Detail View displays. Click the Questions link in the progress pane.
  5.  The Questions Page displays. Click the Add a Question link.
  6. The Question Library displays:
    Survey Question Library
    Use the search and filter options to search the question library for existing questions:
    Question Library Search and Filters
  7. The list of questions shown in the library is automatically filtered to show only questions that users within your organization have created. If needed, select a different option from the Author filter.
    Survey Question Author Filter
  8. The list of items shown in the library is automatically filtered to show only survey questions. If a block of text needs to be added, select Heading from the Question or Heading filter.
    Survey Question Question or Heading Filter
  9. Select the desired Question Type from the drop-down menu.
    (E.g. Demographic question, Agree to Disagree Scale, etc.)
    Survey Question Type Filter Example
  10. If the Indicator and Metric filters are available, optionally filter for questions that align with the desired Indicator/ Metric.
    Indicator and Metric Filters

    A list of questions matching the selected filters is displayed:List of Survey Questions

  11. Search the results for specific wording by typing some of the question text into the Search box. The list of search results will narrow as words are typed.
    A list of questions matching the selected filters and search criteria is displayed:
    List of Questions with Search Criteria
  12. To view the response options and coded values associated with a question, click the arrow next to the question text:
    Survey Question Response Options
  13. To add a question to the survey, click the + button to the right of the desired question.
    Add Survey Question Button
  14. The Questions page displays. Click the Add Question button to add another question to the survey.
  15. Repeat steps 5 through 12 until all of the questions desired have been added.
  16. Click the Continue button to proceed to setting up survey permissions.