Add a Custom Question to a Survey

If a question needed for your survey is not already listed in the question library, create a new custom question. Please note that it is best to edit custom questions as soon as possible. Once a custom question is created, it is added to the survey library. If the question is added to any other surveys, you will no longer be able to edit the question.
  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover over the Plan menu and click on Surveys
    Select Surveys from Plan Menu
    The Surveys list displays. By default this will show a list of active surveys only.
  2. If the survey to have a custom questions added is not yet active, click the x next to the Status filter.
  3. Click the Title of the survey to add a custom question.
  4. The Survey Detail View displays. Click the Questions link in the progress pane.
  5. The Questions Page displays. Click the Add a Question link:

  6. The Question Library displays:
    Question LibraryIf the desired question is not listed, and no similarly-worded questions exist that would work, a custom question can be added.
  7. Click the Custom Question link below the list of search results.
    Add Custom Question Link
    The Custom Question form displays:
  8. Select whether the custom question will be a Question or Text.
  9. If it’s a Question, select the Question Type from the drop down menu.

    If it’s Text, select the text type from the drop down menu.
  10. Type the question or text into the Text Box. As needed, use the text formatting options (Bold, Italic, or Underline). To remove text formatting from a question, highlight the formatted text and click the eraser icon.
    Custom Question Text Formatting Options
  11. Click the image icon to include an image in the survey question. Drag and drop an image into the box provided, or click the box to select an image that has been saved onto your computer.
    Add Image to Survey Question
    Once an image has been uploaded, click the image to add formatting, as needed.
    Edit Question Image
  12. If the survey will be used both pre and post, type the alternate text of the question into the Alternate Question Text field.
    Post Question Text
  13. Fill any fields marked with the red asterisk. The fields that populate here will vary depending on the question type selected. E.g. Side 1 text and Side 2 text if “Side by side scale” is chosen as the question type.
  14. Specify a Field Name for Reports into the text box, if desired.
    Field name for reports
  15. Optionally, select an Indicator and Metric from the drop-down menu.
    Survey Question Indicator and Metric
  16. In the Response Options section, click the checkbox to specify a correct answer, if desired.
    Response Options Correct Response
  17. For some question types, response options are automatically added. If the text of the response options is able to be edited, placeholder text and numeric values appear. Click a response option to edit the text and numeric value.
    Select Response Option
  18. Optionally, add an image to a response option. Drag and drop an image into the box provided, or click the box to select an image that has been saved onto your computer.
    Add image to response option
  19. Click the Add new option button to add a response options, or select a response option and click the trashcan icon to remove that response option.
    Remove or Add Response Option
  20. Click the Save Question button to save the question to PEARS.
    Save Custom Survey Question
  21. The custom question now appears in your survey. To add another question, click the Add Question button.
    Add Question Button