Add Intervention Channels and Reach to an Indirect Activity

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover over the Engage menu and click on Indirect Activities:
    Select Indirect Activities from Engage menu
  2. The Indirect Activities list displays. Click the indirect activity that you would like to add intervention channels to:
  3. The indirect activity General Information page displays. Click on the Intervention Channels and Reach link:
  4. Click the Add Intervention Channel button:
  5. The Add Intervention Channel window displays. Select a option from the Intervention Channel field:
  6. Optionally, add descriptive details about the channel in the Description field:
  7. A site may be assigned to the intervention channel:
  8. Input the # of unique individuals reached:
  9. From the drop down labeled as Source of reach data, choose a source for your estimated reach:
  10. If all the above data is entered, click Save:
  11. When you have added all the intervention channels you would like to associate with this record, click Save and Continue to move on to next section, or Save to go back to the overview page for the Indirect Activity: