Remove a Site: Delete, Merge, or Mark Inactive

Programming Managers and Organization Administrators can use the Manage Sites page to add, edit, merge, or delete sites. Staff with these roles can also mark sites inactive and export site data. To delete, merge, or mark a site inactive, follow the steps below. To jump to a specific section, click on one of the following links. To determine which site removal method to use, see the Overview section. 


  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the gear icon and click Manage Sites:
    Select Manage Sites
    The sites list displays:
    Site List
  2. Determine which method of removing a site is needed:
    Delete a Site:
    Delete a site if no work is currently done with the site and no future work will be done with the site. The site will be permanently removed from PEARS. For example, delete a site if a staff member accidentally adds site data that is completely incorrect and should never be selected.
    Merge Sites:
    Merge sites if multiple entries for the same site exist. For example, if “ABC Elementary” and “ABC Elementary School” contain the same address and other data, these entries refer to the same site and only one entry is needed. After merging sites, all records formerly connected to the duplicate sites will be connected to one site.

    Mark a Site Inactive:
    Mark a site inactive if work has been done at the site in the past, but future work will not take place at the site. The site will appear in existing records but cannot be selected in new records. For example, a school or business that closes may need to be marked inactive.

    For the method selected, follow the corresponding instructions below.

Delete a Site

  1. From the site list, select a site to delete: Select Site
  2. The site details display. Click the Delete button. Site Delete Button
  3. A confirmation page displays. Click Yes to delete the site. Delete Site Confirmation
  4. The site no longer appears in the site list, and an alert confirms that the site has been deleted. Delete Site Alert

Merge Sites

  1. From the site list, select sites to merge. Select as many sites as needed.
    Select Sites to Merge
  2. Click the Merge button.
    Site List Merge Button
    The Merge Sites page displays, listing selected sites.
    Merge Sites Page
  3. Select the “primary” site. All other sites will be merged into this site. The details of the primary site will be saved when the sites are merged. The details of the other sites will be discarded.
    Select Primary Site
    When a site is selected, the details for that site display.
    Select the site with the most accurate details or the most details. For example, if one site includes demographic data, select this site as the primary site.
    Primary Site Demographics
  4. After a primary site has been selected, click Finish Merge.
    Finish Merge
  5. The details of the primary site display, and an alert confirms that the sites have been merged. The previous duplicate sites no longer exist, and their related records are now attached to the new merged site. Check the site details for accuracy, and edit the site if needed.
    Site Merge Alert

Mark a Site Inactive

  1. From the site list, select a site to mark inactive:
    Select Site
  2. The site details display. Click the Edit button.
    The Update Site page displays.
  3. In the Active field, select No from the drop-down list.
    Active Site Field
  4. Click Save to save changes.
    Save Delete Cancel
  5. The site details display, and an alert confirms that the site has been edited. Note that No is now listed in the Active field.
    Site Details Not Active
    The site is now inactive. The site still appears in the site list, and a symbol indicates that the site is inactive.
    Manage Sites Inactive Site
    The inactive site can no longer be selected in other records. For example, when adding a site to a Program Activity, the site is listed as inactive. The record can only be saved if an active site is selected. If the inactive site is selected, an error message will appear.
    Inactive Site Listed