PSE Site Activity SNAP-Ed Funding Roles

PSEs - Funding Roles
All data shown is example data, and not to be referenced as real data.


This item is located in the Impact Dashboards Report, only in the SNAP-Ed Highlights.

Modules Included

This report item includes data from:
  • PSE Site Activities


PEARS Applied Filters

The following filters are applied by PEARS behind the scenes:
  • Test Data: Any data entered by a user marked as a Test User (usually PEARS team members) will not be included for normal users.
  • Viewable by User: Only data that the logged in user (or creator of the dashboard share) can see will be displayed.
  • Program Areas: For the SNAP-Ed Highlights dashboard, data is filtered to only include SNAP-Ed records initially.

User Available Filters

The following filter criteria can be applied by users:
  • Reporting Periods
  • Program Areas (Only for Organizations that use Program Area field)
  • Users
  • Units
  • Sites
  • Interventions (only for SNAP-Ed Highlights)
  • Settings
  • Complete


The data points are calculated as follows for all data that fit the criteria above.
For each of the following ways in which SNAP-Ed funds or people are contributing to PSE efforts at the site or organization (collected in the Strategy section), records are counted according to whether SNAP-Ed funds or people played a Lead / Major Role, Supportive Role, No Role, or N/A:
    • Initiated the effort / brought stakeholders together
    • Fostered community / resident / parent support or engagement
    • Funded or provided planning / advice / guidance
    • Funded or provided training related to PSE efforts
    • Funded or conducted implementation of PSE changes
    • Funded or provided evaluation or monitoring of PSE efforts
Each way in which SNAP-Ed funds or people are contributing are then displayed as a stacked column chart.
The count of PSE Site Activities that played a specific role for a specific way will be displayed when hovering the mouse over that section of the chart.

Additional Notes

As with all panels of the Impact Dashboards, if a dashboard is shared as a snapshot, the panel will show data exactly as it was at the time the share was created, according to the filters applied.