Edit a User Account

User Managers and Organization Administrators can use the Manage Users page to add, edit, or deactivate user accounts. Staff with these roles can also export user account data. To edit a user account, follow the steps below.
  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover over the gear icon and click Manage Users:
    Select Manage Users
  2.  A list of active users displays. Select a user account to edit:
  3. The Update User page displays.
    Update User Page
  4. Edit the user account details as needed.
    For more information on each field listed, see: Add a User Account.
    For more information on deactivating a user account, see: Mark a User Account Inactive.
  5. Click Save and continue editing to save changes and stay on the current page. Alternatively, click Save to save changes and return to the Manage Users list.
    Save and continue editing or Save