Create an Action Plan Outcome

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Track menu and click on Action Plan Outcomes:
    Track, Action Plan Outcomes
  2. The Action Plan Outcomes list displays. Click on the Add button:
    Add Action Plan Outcome
  3. The General Information page displays:
    Action Plan Outcome General Information
  4. In the field labeled Reporting period, assign a reporting period to the action plan outcome:
  5. Next, in the field labeled Plan, choose which plan this Outcome corresponds to:
    Action Plan Outcome Select Plan
  6. Next, enter the Number of volunteers:
  7. Optionally, in the Comments field, add any general information not captured in other fields.
    Action Plan Outcome Comments Field
  8. In the File Attachments field, upload related files as needed. To upload files, click Select to choose files from the computer’s file explorer. Alternatively, drag and drop files into the gray area.
    Action Plan Outcome File Attachments
    You may upload many different types of files, including: Word documents, PDFs, Excel workbooks, jpg, png, and others.
  9. Click Save and continue to save the page and move to the next section, or click Save to save the current changes and view the record details.
    Save and Continue or Save