View a Noteworthy Success Story

Certain administrators may mark Success Stories as noteworthy and filter records to view noteworthy Success Stories.
If a Success Story has been marked as noteworthy, a green star will appear when viewing the details. This indicates the story is exceptional.
Noteworthy Story
  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Track menu and click Success Stories:
    Select Success Stories
  2. The Success Story list displays. The “Noteworthy” column indicates noteworthy Success Stories with a green check mark.
    Noteworthy Column
  3. Click the “Noteworthy” heading to sort the list.
    Once click moves stories marked as noteworthy to the bottom of the list. Noteworthy Sorted 1
    Clicking the heading a second time moves stories marked as noteworthy to the top of the list.
    Noteworthy Sorted 2
  4. Click Filter to filter the list for noteworthy Success Stories.
    Success Story Filter for Noteworthy
  5. In the Noteworthy field, select Noteworthy or Not Noteworthy.
    Noteworthy Filter
  6. Click Apply.
    Apply Filters
    Based on the filter selected, the list shows all Success Stories that have been marked noteworthy or all Success Stories that have not been marked noteworthy.
    Noteworthy Filter Applied
  7. Click x to remove the filter. Click the Filter button to select a different filter.
    Remove Noteworthy Filter