Propose an Event

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Plan menu and click on Professional Development:The Professional Development Plan list displays.
  2. Click the My Proposed Events tab.
  3. Click the +Add button.

    The Add Proposed Event page displays.
  4. Type a Title for the event being proposed.
  5. Select from the drop-down menu whether the event is a Basic or Advanced level.
  6. Type the name of the Contact for this event. Select the user from the list of search results.
  7. Type a Phone number for the event contact.
  8. Select from the drop-down menu all applicable Core competencies. Multiple competencies may be selected.
  9. Select from the drop-down menu all applicable Program areas. Multiple program areas may be selected.
  10. Type a description of the event being proposed.
  11. Type the objectives of the event being proposed.
  12. Describe the audience for this event.
  13. Check the box for TBA if the event does not have a specific time determined yet.
  14. Check the box for Ongoing if the opportunities aren’t date specific.
  15. Click the Start and End date fields and select the dates for the event.
  16. Type a location for the proposed event.
  17. If desired, type any supplemental information to be included into the Other information text field.
  18. Optionally, select from the drop-down menu all Delivery methods used for this event. Multiple methods may be selected.
  19. Optionally, type the name for the Editors to be added for this event. Select the user from the list of search results. Multiple editors may be selected.
  20. From the drop-down menu, select the Reporting period during which this event will occur.
  21. From the drop-down menu, select whether or not this event is Ready to submit for review.
  22. Click the Save button.