Fields Available to Manage

Organization Administrators can use the Organization Settings page to customize certain fields, sections, and settings in PEARS. 
This list is designed to help Organization Administrators determine which settings may need to be updated, based on the current reporting needs. 
This article does not include a comprehensive list of all settings. Only settings that impact specific sections/fields within the site that may need to be updated from year to year are included here. A list of all settings, and more details about each setting, can be found in the Manage Organization Settings article.
Setting NameFieldsModulesOrganizations
With Access
SNAP-Ed Funding SourceFunding SourceProgram ActivitiesSNAP-Ed
Crisis Impact FieldCOVID-19 Impact
  • Action Plans
  • Program Activities
  • Success Stories
  • Indirect Activities
  • Partnerships
  • Coalitions
  • PSE Site Activities
  • Social Marketing Campaigns
  • All
    Require Site for Indirect Activity
    Intervention Channels
    SiteIndirect ActivitiesAll
    Collect Youth Programming DataYouth Programming sectionProgram ActivitiesExtension
    Detailed Action Plan Outcomes
    and Indicators
    Outcomes, IndicatorsAction PlansExtension
    Target Audience FieldTarget AudienceProgram ActivitiesSNAP-Ed
    Hide Quarterly Effort Contacts SectionContacts sectionQuarterly EffortsExtension