Edit Board Member Information

Some states choose to include board members as part of the performance review process. If your state includes board members, Board Member Managers and Organization Administrators can use the Board Members page to add, edit, or remove board members. Before the performance review start date, update board member information, as needed. Make sure the correct unit, start/end date, contact preference, and email address/mailing address are listed for each board member.
To edit information for an existing board member, follow the steps below.
  1.  From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the gear icon and click Board Members:
    Manage Board Members
  2. A list of board members appears. Select a board member to edit:
    Select Board Member
  3. The Update Board Member page appears. Change the board member’s information as needed.
    Update Board Member Form
  4. Once all changes have been made, click Save.
  5. An alert confirms that the board member’s information was updated.
    Board Member Update Alert
    To return to the list of board members, click the Board Members link in the breadcrumbs.
    Board Members Link