Copy a Social Marketing Campaign

Use this method of copying if you would like to start a record for similar work with a different Social Marketing Campaign during the current reporting year. For example, if you are creating another campaign targeting the same topics with the same channels, you can create multiple copies of one entry to save time.
  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Track menu and click Social Marketing Campaigns:
    Track, Social Marketing Campaigns
  2. The Social Marketing Campaigns list displays. Select a campaign to copy.
    Select Campaign
  3. The Social Marketing Campaign details display. Click Copy.
    Campaign Copy Button
    The Copy page displays.
    Campaign Copy Page
  4. By default, “(Copied)” is added to the end of the campaign name. Change the name of the record, as needed.
    Campaign Copy Name
  5.  Data from the General Information section is automatically included in the copy. Optionally, select other data sections to copy to the new record, as applicable.
    Campaign Copy Data Sections
  6. Review your selections, and click the Copy button.
    Copy or Cancel
  7. The details of the campaign copy display, and an alert message confirms the copy was successful.
    Campaign Copy Alert
  8. Review the copy details to make sure all copied data is applicable to the new record. Click the Edit button to make changes, if needed.