Choose a setting for a PSE Site Activity

How to Choose a Setting for PSE Site Activities
When you create a PSE Site Activity, you must select the setting of the PSE work at this site. The setting of the PSE work may at times differ from the physical location of the site or organization. In most cases, select the most specific PSE setting. For example, an after-school program may occur at a school or at a faith-based center/place of worship. In this case, choose “Before and after-school programs” as the setting. Likewise, the PSE setting for a mobile fresh bus at a food assistance site is “Mobile vending/food trucks.” If you are doing other work at the school where the after-school program is located you would also select “school” as a setting and complete a separate report on the school-based PSE work that is not part of the after-school program.
“Gardens”, “ bicycle & walking paths”, “youth organizations”, and ”libraries” are exceptions to this rule. Only choose these PSE settings if they are stand-alone (not located in another setting). Otherwise, report on these PSEs by selecting the setting in which they are located.
Please read all setting options before selecting “other” to make sure data is as accurate as possible. Examples of settings that would qualify as “other places people go to ‘eat’ outside of the home” are cafeterias. Examples of “other settings where people ‘live’ or live nearby” are city-wide policies and plans.