Add an Event to a Professional Development Plan

  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Plan menu and click on Professional Development:
  2. The Professional Development Plan list displays:
  3. Click on the Event Catalog tab:
  4. The Event Catalog displays:
  5. Click on the switch next to the event that needs to be added to the professional development plan:
  6. After clicking the switch, the icon will change color. The event has been added to the the list of available events to add to a professional development plan:
  7. Click on the My Plans tab:
  8. Click on the professional development plan an event is being added to:
  9. The Professional Development detail page displays:
  10. Click the Edit button:
  11. The professional development plan edit page displays:
  12. Place the cursor in the Events field. Begin typing the name of the event that is being added. A drop down list of options matching the text entered will display. When the proper event populates, click on it:
  13. Repeat step 12 to add any other events to the plan. When all necessary events have been added, click Save: