Copy Multiple Social Marketing Campaigns

Social Marketing Campaign work may span multiple years. Since each record in PEARS is used to track work for a single fiscal year, a new record should be created every reporting year. For efficiency, you can continue reporting each year by copying campaigns from previous years to the current year. Use this method of copying if you would like to copy Social Marketing Campaign records from the previous reporting year to the current reporting year. Alternatively, to copy data from a campaign in the current reporting year to a new campaign in the current reporting year, see this article: Copy a Social Marketing Campaign.
  1. From the PEARS homepage, hover the cursor over the Track menu and click on Social Marketing Campaigns:
    Track, Social Marketing Campaigns
  2. The Social Marketing Campaigns list displays. Click the Copy Multiple Campaigns button:
    Copy Multiple Campaigns Button
  3. The Copy Multiple Campaigns list displays. By default, records from the current reporting period are shown. Click the filter button to select a previous reporting period.
    Copy Multiple Campaigns Filter
    Once the desired filters have been selected, click Apply to show campaign records that fit the selected criteria.
    Apply Partnership Copy Filters
  4. Click on the check box next to every campaign that needs to be copied to the current reporting year:
    Select Campaigns to Copy
  5. When all applicable campaign check boxes have been marked, click the Copy button at the bottom of the page:
    Copy Button for Multiple Campaigns
  6. The Social Marketing Campaigns list displays. An alert confirms that all campaigns selected in step 4 have been copied, and the copied campaigns are shown in the list:
    Copied Campaigns
  7. Check the copies to make sure all copied data is applicable to the new campaign records. If needed, edit the campaigns and save changes.