Action Plan Outcome Updates (Dec. 2022)


In December 2022, updates to the Action Plan Outcome module were rolled out in accordance with recommendations from the Extension PEARS Advisory Committee (PAC-E).
Please see the sections below for details about each change. These updates are live in PEARS.

Logic Update

  • Previously, only one Action Plan Outcome record could be created for each Action Plan.
  • Now, multiple Action Plan Outcome records can be created for each Action Plan. This capability allows users to report several times throughout the year.

New Fields Added

  • To distinguish between Outcome records linked to each Plan, users will need to assign each Outcome record a title (e.g. January Action Plan Update, Q1 Action Plan Update, etc.).

  • For existing Outcome records, the Plan name will be assigned as the title of the record. When adding a new Outcome, the title can be modified as needed.

    Action Plan Outcome Title Example
Previously, Action Plan Outcomes did not include a specific field to summarize or tell the story of the work accomplished related to the Action Plan. Some states reported this information in the Comments field.
Now, a required field titled Narrative has been added to the General Information page. The Narrative field offers a specific place to describe the work accomplished related to the linked Action Plan.
Action Plan Outcome Narrative Field
Previously, the only way to provide updates to data reported in the Action Plan was to edit completed plans.
Now, a new page is included in Action Plan Outcome records titled Situation Updates. This page shows Action Plan data that was reported on the Situation Assessment page, including: Needs assessment, Situation statement, and Public value.

Optional fields allows users to provide updates to the data reported in the plan. Separate fields are available for Needs assessment updates, Situation statement updates, and Public value updates.

Situation Updates Form
Previously, the only way to provide updates to data reported in the Action Plan was to edit completed plans.
Now a new optional field, titled Other Outcomes and Evidence, is included on the Outcome Evidence page in Action Plan Outcome records. This field allows users to add outcomes and indicators that were not reported in the Plan, and to provide evidence for the new indicators.
Other Outcomes and Evidence

List View, Detail View, and Export Updates

In the Action Plan Outcome list view, a column for the “Title” field is displayed so users can more easily differentiate the outcomes.
Action Plan Outcome Title Column
The Action Plan Outcome detail view and export are updated to reflect the newly collected information:
  • Title
  • Narrative
  • Needs Assessment Updates
  • Situation Statement Updates
  • Public Value Updates
  • Other Outcomes and Evidence
The Action Plan detail view provides links to each Action Plan Outcome created for that plan.
Linked Action Plan Outcomes